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About The Creator

Hi! My name is Shakira!

I'm a mom and Aquarius with a love for all things Unique & Quirky. 


Born and raised in the lovely island of Barbados I decided to take my self taught passion and turn it into something with meaning. 

It is a bit more than just making pretty things. Being dark skinned was not as 'embraced' as it is today. 

Afros and Grandmother Plaits were not as exciting as it is now, Bantu Knots once known as Corkscrews was a style to be made fun of while I was growing up. 

We didn't know better.

Finding ways back then to love ME my SKIN and HAIR came in the form of flowers, loose beads and little trinkets to make my hair look pretty, make me feel special, making what I thought back then was an unwanted quality desirable. It was my own way to show up for Me.

I eventually learned the true value of Self Love and knowing who I am and the power I have as an Individual, to see myself and others as whole and complete.. Flaws and all. 


So I encourage people to this day to show up for themselves embrace it all. The way you talk, the way you move, the hair that grows from your scalp, your lovely complexion.. All of it.  

Love Yourself as unique and as quirky as that may be. 

Why LocMuse?

To embrace our Individuality is a divine thing. 

I remember how it felt to go into stores looking for something special, wishing for something to catch

my eye. 

I also remember settling for something that made me feel regular and I dare say a little fake. 

Each piece of Jewelry you wear on your body, your hair should have personality, character. 


Here with LocMuse each Handcrafted piece is made with Care, Intention & Positive Energy, with a direct focus on Self Love and Embracing who you are. No matter your taste, how Simple it may be or how Unique it may look. You'll find your style and it will be perfect for you. 


Made with High Quality Wires, Beads and Gems we guarantee happiness with each purchase!


Choose the pieces that speaks to you. We are all amazing beings and should wear things we truly enjoy and feel authentic to us. My Hope is that when you adorn yourself with these handcrafted products you feel grounded, Seen, Empowered & Beautiful. 

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